Team spirit in Wolves revival

Orange Peel Productions is a fresh new theatre company  formed of a group of young actors, recently graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.

In their final year, they were lucky enough to take part in an exciting production of The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe, and following the enormous success of this, the cast members created  Orange Peel  (

Now they will be performing a revival of the show from March 4th – 11th at The Space theatre (Isle of Dogs). This intimate venue is the perfect location for this coming-of-age drama, set in middle America, and they are thrilled to be able to perform it again.

The story follows a young American female soccer team, working through friendships, aspirations and the difficulties surrounding growing up in their late teens. Through an unfiltered lens, we experience the team’s humour, vigour, and insight, completely unobstructed by the male gaze. It’s a liberating story that focuses on nine adolescent female athletes and their mental health in contemporary society, and is relevant to all audiences, aged 14+ .The show, say Orange Peel, has an important message, given the difficulties that young people face in today’s society. 

The Wolves is set in an indoor soccer facility. Each scene depicts team talking while they warm up before their game each week. In most scenes, the team is going through a stretching routine, or doing practice exercises. The girls sometimes continue their gossip from the previous week, bringing up new developments or related topics. 

“Our fresh new take on The Wolves involves slick and detailed movement-based sequences, accompanied by a curated soundtrack,” say Orange Peel. “These sequences take place in between each scene, and show the passing of one week between each Saturday warm-up session. What we believe this adds to our production, is a physical and visual representation of the girls’ militaristic finesse, as well as their impressive agility and stamina.

“Delappe has constructed the play in way where we don’t actually ever get to see them play soccer. Instead, what we’ve created with these sequences and transitions, is a sense of what the girls are capable of. Each song has been chosen carefully to compliment the orchestra-like quality of Delappe’s dialogue, as well as highlight elements of the team you don’t necessarily get to fully experience in the scenes, whether that be their youth, angst, strength, competitiveness, or athleticism.”

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