All the town’s a stage

Work continues apace on the new Shakespeare North theatre in Prescot,
Merseyside, with the building on schedule to open in 2022.
Meanwhile, the Bard’s words have appeared in a number of unusual places around
the town.

This is one of four boundary markers to welcome visitors. The crane on the
theatre site can be seen just to the right of the sign.

Younger visitors in particular will enjoy this bewitching water fountain.

A series of quotes have been incorporated into the new paving in Prescot’s
main shopping street.

Inside the new building there will be an auditorium based on theatres created by Inigo Jones. The oak structure has been designed and made by Peter McCurdy who constructed The Globe and Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in London.

Why Prescot? The Elizabethan market town had the earliest known, purpose built freestanding theatre outside London.  Prescot also sits cheek by jowl with Knowsley Hall and Park, home to the Stanley family – the Earls of Derby – who were patrons of Shakespeare and had their own theatre troupes.

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