A new kind of Shakespeare

Mercutio’s Romeo and Juliet: Anegada Theatre

There are two sides to every love story and in this fascinating retelling,  Anegada Theatreexplores Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet from the perspectives of Mercutio and Juliet, as an unlikely friendship blossoms between the pair.

In this original piece, now available free on youtube, what lies beneath the surface is just as compelling as the glossy facade of Shakespeare’s most famous doomed lovers. Mercutio’s Romeo and Juliet is combines iambic pentameter, free indirect discourse and naturalism to reframe Mercutio’s friendship with Romeo.

Says Tara Anegada, writer and director: “Words are powerful weapons in the play. For Juliet, they affirm her love with Romeo. For Mercutio, they are torturous accounts of what loving Romeo must be like. Words are the only vehicle he has to express his realisation that he loves Romeo.”

Joseph Holmes-Milner, dramaturg and assistant director says: “At the start of the play Juliet is definitely feeling trapped by the world around her and society’s expectations of her. Falling in love with Romeo empowers her to make her own decisions and I think our Juliet is definitely more autonomous than Shakespeare’s original character.”

Barney Hartwill plays Mercutio and Sofia Bassani is Juliet .

All donations made through the website will be split between the cast and crew of this show and The National Youth Arts Trust (NYAT) the partner charity for The Shakespeare Project. The NYAT widens access to the performing arts for young people aged 12-25 from non-privileged backgrounds.

Useful Links

Show Link: https://youtu.be/ofkGKIuW-1Q

Website: https://anegadatheatre.org.uk/


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