A lovely affair

The Affair, Gibbons and Gaulier

Gibbons and Gaulier are in London with their wonderful clown comedy The Affair.
Different things make different generations laugh. What was hilarious yesterday, is seen as lame today – but it does not mean that we cannot go back to the past, if only for a little while and immerse ourselves in a magic of melodrama.

Gustavo (absolutely hilarious Claudio del Toro) is waiting for the love of his life, Daffadowndilly (charismatic Amy Gibbons) to come over his place so he can ask her “a very important question”. Things do not go as smoothly as they could, especially when Lark (witty Shea Wojtus), Gustavo’s “mistake” decides to join in. And so little comedy of errors begins.

The Affair is a sweet mix of melodrama and bouffon. Other than occasional modern moments, such as Daffadowndilly’s plans to have botox injections, cellphone ringing or jokes on Kim Kardashian’s dog, the entirety of play is wonderfully vintage in the best way possible. The storyline is obviously very simple, with numerous repeated gags and wonderful overacting. Particularly impressive, especially for a rather confined and ever-changing space that touring troupes are condemned to perform in, is very intricate stage movement. Makeup, costumes and, of course, jokes (ranging from verging on vulgar slapstick and melodrama to more refined bouffon), are very much in-style and play as a whole is very coherent. Using a simple, candid style, Gibbons and Gaulier demonstrate a delightful way with words, creativity and resourcefulness.

It is an exuberant and witty little play, cleverly depicting highs and lows (but mostly lows) of a relationship, in a men-are-from-Mars sort of fashion. If lovely old-school clown-type humour is your cup of tea, then The Affair is definitely a thing to go for.

Dominika Fleszar

23rd November at 7:45pm at Applecart Arts London E13 0SE

22nd November at 7:45pm at Applecart Arts London E13 0SE

Tickets: 02034754280 / Applecart Arts – Tickets

Also playing at:

28th November at 7:30 pm at Rialto Brighton BN1 3FE

Tickets: 01273725230 / Rialto Theatre – Tickets

30th November at 7.30pm at The Cut in Halesworth

Tickets: 0300 3033 211 / The Cut – Tickets

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