A respect for the past

Seven Letters, London

We are all guilty of ignoring people as they get older, almost as if we believe they have always been old, and never had a past, or a life with much to offer.

So how refreshing, and humbling, to see Rian Flatley recognise that each old person was once young and vibrant, with hopes and dreams. Her play Seven Letters reflects on the past lives of three women whose circumstances have brought them together in a touching and funny portrayal.

Their interaction with the young people of today and the difficulties in accepting changes over which they have no control, is matched with the chemistry between them, while touching on difficult subjects such as dementia and loneliness. The reflections of the past are told through flashbacks, graphic monologues and songs (composed by Lindsay Bridgwater).

You can see Seven Letters this week at the Camden Fringe – The London Irish Centre, NW1 9XB 25-27th August 7.15pm; and then at Clapham Common’s Omnibus Theatre, SW4 0QW 7-9th September 7.30pm.


























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